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JAIVIC Power Capacitors

JAIVIA Power factor Correction Capacitors are manufactured adopting the latest techniques, by our specially trained team of Engineers and skiled workers in a well euqipped modern plant at NASIK Best available imported and indigenous material are used and production is carried out with utmost care in dust controlled air conditioned atomsphere. Experice of almost two decades in the trends in technology, has made JAIVIC Capacitors the most trusted and reliable.

Salients Features of JAIVIA Capacitors :

Self - Healing Property
  M.P.P. Capacitors are of self-healing type as such eliminate possibility of permanent short circuit.
JAIVIC Capacitors are manufactured using Tri-layer, Zn-Alloy/AL, Heavy Edge, Low Loss Metallised film to provide better bonding between the electrode and end spray. Type and thockness of M.P.P. in making winding is slected in such a way that is a very low drop inn capacitance in working life of capacitors, making them the most reliable and stable capacitors.
Automatic spray euqipment makes it possible to have a resulting in best possible end contact, in turn a very low tan delta value.
  Our Manufacturing Facilities

For making a reliable Metallised Polyprylene Capacitor, we have got most advanced and sophisticated machineries. Winding Department is a "METAR". Ultra modern Electro-pneumatic windings in M.P.P.

Most Compact, Accurate, Zero defect International grade windings are made available for further processing. End Metallisation spray equipment is also Automatic, resulting inmetal deposit of very fine paraticle size of adequate thickness uniformly sprayed. Modern automatic and semiautomatic euqipments are used for stage insepection and quality assurance. Impregnation of the capacitor is done with the help of pretreated Non-Toxic friendly impregnat in a Vacuum. Final Capacitors are tested as per IS 13340, 13341 : 1993 specification (as amended up too equipments. Our manufacturing range includes MPP OIL, MPP DRY, Double Dilectric, Mixed Dielectric, All PP, 36/72/108 MFD condensors. We also undertake manufacture of capacitors of single phase and special voltage application.

Advantages of Oil filled the help filled capacitors Against Dry Type Capacittors

Impregnation is done with the help of non-toxic friendly liquid a very high vacuum resulting in following advantages:

a) Impregnant fluid replaces air pockets in the zinc spray and help in eleminating partial discharge at the end contacts. Oil impregnated capacitors have much higher partial discharge voltage as compared to DRY TYPE. JAIVIC impregnated Oil filled Capacitors are hermetically sealed, hence do not have any atmospheric influence compared to Dry TYPE. Capacitor wound elements are encased in metal containers of adequate thickness. The containers are hermetically sealed. To avoid rusting, metal containers are electroplated which also result in rust free attractive and durable painting.

B) Penetration of semi liqid impregnant is through in comparison to semi liquid impregnant like Polyurethane, Fixible Epoxy etc. Because of its viscus nature. This makes these capacitors more stable because of makes these capacitor more stable because of improved Partial Discharge Inception voltage level.

C) Level of liquid impregnants transfer of heart by conduction and convection mode is fast. This result in uniform cooling of capacitors. In Liquid impregnants transfer of heart by conduction and convection mode is fast. This result in temperature rise of active elements. This gives an extra edge by increasing life of the capacitrors and to take care edge by increasing life of the capacitors and to take cae of rugged service conditions.

D) With free flow of impregnant inside capacitor containers, cooling is uniform, making it very suitable for cooling of capacitor is uniform, making it very suitable for tropical and super tropical conditions.

Use of inductor Coils

To avoid electrical and mechanical stresses on end connection by inrush current caused due to switching operation, our capacitors are provided with inductor coil of adequate value.

Export Worthy Packing

To avoid damages (scratches, dents etc.) in transit, individual capacitor units are packed in corrugated box using thermocole packing all around the capacitors.

ISI Certification & Approvals
JAIVIC Capacitors carrry mark for the entire range including banks upto 100 KVAr. JAIVIC Capacitors are approved & accepted by almost all the Electricity Boards govt. & semi Govt. Departments, panel Manufacturers, OEMS etc in India.

ISO Certtification

The company has been certified as ISO 9001 Company BY. AQA International USA.

JAIVIC Shunt Power Capacitors are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure performance conforming to IS 13340 : 1993 (as amended is for 415 and 440 Volts. 3 - phase 50 Hz in ratings of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,7.5, 8, 9, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, & 30 KVAr. Higher KVar ratings will be supplied by Banking our standard units.

JAIVIC Power Capacitors are bscked by manufacturer's warrantly against manufacturing defects for a period of 15 months from the date of dispatch from the Factory or 12 months from the date of installation whichever is earlier.

After Sales service

JAIVIC Power Capacitors will give trouble free performance. However in the inlikely event of any difficulty, Jaivic's after sales services will be readily available.


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