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M.P.P. Gas Filled Power Capacitor

ACMKP...Cylindrical Aluminum
Vishay ESTA
ESTAdry ACMKP Power Factor Correction
Capacitors Low Voltage
Power Factor Correction

The ESTAdry ACMKP capacitor is a metallized polypropylene film capacitor with self-healing technology. The current carrying metal layer of an MKP capacitor is vaporised onto one side of the polypropylene film. The front surface of tubular winding elements are joined by means of the metal spray method (schooping). Three winding elements are encapsulated in one aluminum casing and connected to form a true 3-phase capacitor.

The overpressure tear-off fuse prevents the capacitor from bursting at the end of service life, or due to inadmissible electrical or thermal overloads. The capacitor is housed in a tubular aluminum container wit a metal lid press-rolled onto it. The current is supplied via screw-on (M5) or push-on (6.3 * 0.8 mm) connectors. A threaded stud (M12) at the bottom of the container serves for both grounding and mounting.

ESTAdry ACMKP capacitors will be delivered together with discharge resistors and hardware for mounting and
connection. ESTAdry ACMKP capacitors of 84.4 mm diameter will come with a THICK FILM DISCHARGE RESISTOR UNIT, forked terminals for easy mounting and IN-LINE connection of the capacitors to the supply.
Capacitors are in accordance with protection class IP00. For all types, plastic covers for a higher degree of protection are available.
• Compact design with high outputs up to 30 kvar
• Very low losses < 0.25 W per kvar
• Optimized diameter and height for excellent heat dissipation
• Stacked assembled winding elements reduce the risk of device breakdown
• Highest overcurrent capability up to 3 times rated current
• Highest inrush current capability of 300 times rated current
• Life expectancy of > 130 000 operating hours
ESTAdry ACMKP-type capacitors in cylindrical aluminum casing have been designed for Power Factor Correction in low voltage plants. Loads as motors and transformers consume real power as well as reactive power. Generators, supply cables, and other electrical distribution equipment should be relieved from reactive power. ESTAdry ACMKP capacitors may be used for:

• Automatic PFC-equipment
• Individual fixed PFC (e.g. motors, transformers)
• Group fixed PFC
• Tuned and detuned capacitor banks
• Harmonic trap (e.g. UPS, frequency drives, concerters)
• Recommended for power factor correction in low-voltage
applications ≤ 1000 V
  Technical Data
  Power Factor Correction Capacitors Low Voltage

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