LT Power Factor Capacitors

L. T. Power Factor Improvement (Shunt) Capacitors

Shree Trading Syndicate are leading manufacturers and exporters for world class quality capacitors. The company produces wide range of capacitors for Electrical appliances (Fans/Lighting), Motors for Run & Start applications, L.T Power factor improvement and LT Shunt Capacitors in various designs to suite most stringent Industrial requirement since 1984.

Conforms to: EN / IEC 60831-1 Consol. Ed. 2.1 / IS 13340
1 KVAR to 25 KVAR up to 500 V ac
Rating above 25 KVAR can also be constructed through Banking.

Dielectric : Polypropylene
Elements : Metallized polypropylene film
Encapsultion : Dry type resin / liquid resin
Case : Steel cans/Aluminum cans (as per customers specs)

I. Double Dielectric Power Factor Improvement (Shunt) Capacitors
In order to build the correct degree of protection, a capacitor needs to be given a higher current and higher voltage withstanding capacity. This dual consideration has been taken into account to evolve a different construction of capacitors.
Sereis construction is adapted instead of parallel design to achieve the effect of Double Dielectric.
Over and above the normal features of a Mpp capacitor, this desgin provides excellent overcurrent & surge voltage protection.

Sr. No. Types / Designs Range
01 Double Dielectric 5 to 25 KVAR
02 Modular 5 to 25 KVAR
03 Industrial
a. Oil Filler 1 to 25 KVAR
b. Cylindrical with terminal type 1 to 25 KVAR
c. Cylindrical with wire type 1 to 25 KVAR
d. Square (Dry) 1 to 25 KVAR
04 Agriculture
a. Round 1 to 6 KVAR
b. Square 1 to 6 KVAR

"Burst proof design in Industrial (Cylindrical with terminal tops) on customers request can also be made available."

Technical Data
Standards Reference Standard: IEC 60831-1 Conslo. Ed. 2.1/IS 13340
Rated Voltage Up to 500 V ac (other voltages on request)
Rated Frequency 50 Hz. (other frequency on request)
No. of Phases 3 (single phase on request)
Connection Delta
Permissbile Over Load Maximum permissible current : 1.2 times of rated Current
  Maximum permissible Voltage : 1.10 times of rated Voltage
Ambient Temp -10oc to +50oc
Total Losses 0.5 watts / KVAR without resistor
Capacitance tolerance + 10%
Tan delta 0.20% max.

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