Fan Capacitors

Fan Capacitor stores energy and provides extra power for the fan motors when they are running. Since a fan is expected to be operated just by the flick of a switch, it has to employ a continuous rating capacitor in series with its auxiliary winding, which stays energized as long as the fan runs. All Capacitors are designed for continuous duty and with minimum capacitance droppage which decreases the Energy Cost and also increases the life span of the fan motor.

Salient Features

❒ No capacitance Loss over years of running that ensures high and consistent air delivery of fans
❒ Can function with the same efficiency over a wide range of extreme temperatures and humidity
❒ Made with latest technology Heavy Edge Metalized film that ensures the long life of the capacitors
❒ Low Dissipation Factor
❒ Self Healing Properties
❒ High Insulation Resistance
❒ No Leakage of oil from the oil filled capacitors
❒ Self-extinguishing plastic material, on request
❒ Ultra compact and economic design
❒ Maintenance-free

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