Motor Run Capacitors

Some single-phase AC electric motors require a "Run Capacitor" to energize the second-phase winding (auxiliary coil) to create a rotating magnetic field while the motor is running. Motor Run capacitors are designed for continuous duty while the motor is powered, which is why Starting Capacitors are avoided, and low-loss polypropylene capacitors are used. Run Capacitors are mostly polypropylene film capacitors and are energized the entire time the motor is running.

Salient Features

❒ No capacitance Loss over years of running that ensures long life
❒ Can function with the same efficiency over a wide range of extreme temperatures and humidity
❒ Made with latest technology Heavy Edge Metalized film that ensures the long life of the capacitors
❒ Can Withstand Voltage Fluctuations in Submersible Pump Motors
❒ Low losses due to low dissipation factor
❒ Self Healing Properties
❒ High Insulation Resistance
❒ Self-extinguishing plastic material, on request
❒ Capacitors are suitable for Panel Box Mounting & Special Stud Can Design available
❒ Ultra compact and economic design
❒ Maintenance-free
❒ Case IP 53 Protected

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