Cylindrical Gas Filled Capacitors

The winding of the elements are manufactured in the latest state of art winding machines and specially designed wavy cut film is mainly used. So that zinc layer remains intact with the elements.

These capacitor elements are placed in aluminium can and the capacitor undergoes in vacuum process and environment friendly inert gas is impregnated.

This capacitors have advantage of better cooling and heat dissipation. the impregnated gas used acts as a insulation as wells as it protects the zinc layer from oxidation.

Unique Features

❒ Metallised polypropylene/Wavy cut (MKP) film design
❒ Compact Cylindrical Al. can design.
❒ Gas impregnation gives cooling effect
❒ Better heat dissipation
❒ Explosion proof design (internal over pressure disconnector)
❒ Low losses due to advanced winding and zinc spray equipments.
❒ Finger touch proof terrninal connectors (Scope to parallel Connection)

Realated Product