ACMKP Series - Low-Voltage Power Factor Correction Capacitors
Application :
Shree Trading Syndicate ESTA capacitors are suitable for use in standard duty, heavy duty and ultra heavy duty PFC applications. Target applications for these capacitors include:

• Automatic PFC capacitor panels
• Wind turbines
• Individual fixed compensation (e.g. motors, transformers)
• Group fixed compensation
• Tuned and detuned harmonic filters
• AC filters (e.g. UPS, frequency drives, converters)

Technical Data
Standards IEC 60831-1+2, EN 60831-1+2. IS 13340
Approvals UL, ULc , BIS
(in accordance with the above standards)
Ucn + 10% (up to 8 hours daily), Ucn +15% (Up to 30 minutes daily) Ucn +20% ( up to 5 minutes), Ucn + 30% (up to 1 minute)
Tolerances on capacitance ± 5%
Routine test voltage, terminal/terminal 2.15 * Ucn, AC,2 seconds
Losses <0.25....<0.45 W/kVAr
Degree of Protection IP00 (terminal cover for higher protection class, for instance IP20, IP20, IP54 upon request), indoor mounting
Permitted casing temperature Max, 650C (measured on top of the can)
Cooling Naturally air-cooled
Permissible relative humidity Maximum 95%
Maximum allowed altitude 2000 m above sea level
Mounting Position Vertical and horizontal
Mounting and grounding Threaded M 12 stud at the bottom of the container, max, torque 10Nm
Safety features ALL-PHASE over pressure tear-off fuse (irreversible current interruption), Self-healing film technology
Casing aluminum
Dielectric Polypropylene Film, Self-healing
Filling agent Dry (gas filled and Oil filled)