Motor Run Capacitors-440V Series

Single-phase AC electric motors require a "Run Capacitor" to energize the second-phase winding (auxiliary coil) to create a rotating magnetic field while the motor is running. Motor Run capacitors are designed for continuous duty while the motor is powered. Run capacitors are mostly polypropylene film capacitors and are energized the entire time the motor is running. Motor Run capacitors are usable for general sine wave applications as Filters, Inverters, UPS Devices etc., but are also particularly suitable for the operation of asynchronous electric motors and electric compressors. As motor run capacitors, they assure smooth and energy-saving operation of electric motors used in applications such as refrigerators, freezers, electric compressors, washers, dryers, air-conditioning appliances, ventilators, pumps & Industrial Motors.

Salient Features

❒ No capacitance Loss over years of running that ensures long life
❒ Can function with the same efficiency over a wide range of extreme temperatures and humidity
❒ Made with latest technology Heavy Edge Metalized film that ensures the long life of the capacitors
❒ Can Withstand Voltage Fluctuations in Motors
❒ Low losses due to low dissipation factor
❒ Self Healing Properties
❒ High Insulation Resistance
❒ Self-extinguishing plastic material & special stud can design available on request
❒ Ultra compact and economic design
❒ Maintenance-free
❒ Case IP 53 Protected

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