MPP Oil Filled Capacitors

Jaivic Power Factor Correction Capacitors are manufactured adopting the latest techniques, by our specially trained team of Engineers & skilled workers, in a well equipped modern plant at NASIK. Best available imported & indigenous material are used & production is carried out with utmost care in dust controlled air conditioned atmosphere. Experience of almost three decades in the field of manufacturing Capacitors, updated by new trends in technology, has made Jaivic Capacitors the most trusted and reliable.

Salient Features

❒ Self - healing Property
M.P.P. Capacitors are of Self-healing type as such eliminate possibility of permanent short circuit.

❒ Use Of Heavy Edge Film
Jaivic Capacitors are manufactured using Tri-layer, Zn-Alloy/AL, Heavy edge, Low Loss Metalized film to provide better bonding between the electrode & end spray. Type & thickness of M. P. P. in making windings is selected in such a way that there is a very low drop in capacitance in working life of capacitors, making them the most reliable & stable capacitors.

❒ Winding Quality
Tightly wound elements on imported winding machine result in Zero defect windings with accurate outputs.

❒ Automatic Spray
Automatic spray equipment makes it possible to have a continuous, uniform fine spray resulting in best possible end contact, in turn a very low tan delta value.


Impregnation is done with the help of non-toxic friendly liquid at a very high vacuum resulting In following advantages:

Impregnate fluid replaces air pockets in the zinc spray and help in eliminating partial discharges at the end contacts. Oil impregnated capacitors have much higher partial discharge voltage as compared to DRY TYPE. Jaivic impregnated Oil filled Capacitors are hermetically sealed, hence do not have any atmospheric influence compared to DRY TYPE. Capacitor wound elements are encased in metal containers of adequate thickness. The containers are hermetically sealed. To avoid rusting, metal containers are electroplated which also result in rust free attractive and durable painting.

Penetration of liquid impregnate is thorough in comparison to semi liquid impregnate like Polyurethane, Flexible Epoxy etc. Because of its viscous nature. This makes these capacitors more stable because of improved Partial Discharge Inception voltage level.

Level of liquid impregnate is maintained sufficiently above active elements, in comparison to semi-fluid impregnate. In liquid impregnate transfer of heat by conduction and convection mode is fast. This result in uniform cooling of capacitors. In turn reducing temperature rise of active elements. This gives an extra edge by increasing life of the capacitors and to take care of rugged service conditions.

Free flow of impregnate inside capacitor containers, cooling of capacitor is uniform, making it very suitable for tropical and super tropical conditions.

Jaivic Power Capacitors are backed by manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of 15 months from the date of dispatch from the Factory or 12 months from the date of installation whichever is earlier.

Jaivic Power Capacitors will give trouble free performance. However in the unlikely event of any difficulty, Jaivic's after sales service will be readily available.

• Continuous Technological changes may lead to product specification modification from time to time.
• Standard range Capacitors designed for systems where harmonics not present for such application request for specially designed Capacitors


Energy conservation is the most important for all because the cost of energy for industrial production is reflected in the cost of goods produced, it is in the interest of all, particularly those engaged in any capacity in production to save as much as possible.

There are many ways in which this can be brought about. One of the most effective ways from the industrial point of view is the installation of Power Capacitors. By installing Power Capacitors the Power Factor-can be improved, the improvement in Power Factor will decrease the maximum demand of the system.

What is Power Factor?
Any industrial installation is fed from a high voltage system and comprises of:-
1) A Transformer Station.
2) “Resistive” loads-such as ovens, radiators, filaments, lamps, etc.
3) “Inductive” loads-such as transformers, motors, etc.
It should be noted that the actual power consumed is lower than the Apparent Power and this ratio is called the Power Factor.
I.e. Useful Power = Power Factor < 1
Apparent Power

The advantage of a better Power Factor are multifold and all results in substantial economy in the Operation of electrical installation.
1) Cutting down penalties for excessive consumption of reactive energy.
2) Reducing line losses.
3) Increasing line power carrying capacity.
4) Increasing power available at supply transformer.
5) Reducing Voltage drop.

Capacitors can be used as individual units or in Banks.
Individual units of 1 to 30 kVAr ratings can be used for small units. For the bulk power consumers whose installed capacity is more than
100 KW may go for Banks of capacitors with or without automatic P. F. control relay. If the load fluctuation is more, as in Cement plants, Rolling Mills etc., they need Automatic Power Factor control relay to suit the load condition.

The saving effected by installing P.F. correction capacitors can be indicated by following example:
Maximum Load 125 KW
Present P. F. 0.75
Required P. F. 0.99
Maximum demand at 0.75 P. F. = 125 = 166.6
Maximum demand at 0.99 P. F. = 125 = 126.26 kVA 0.99
Reduction in Max. Demand = 40.34 kVA
Saving in monthly charges @ Rs. 300/- per kVA (MSEB rates) : Rs. 12,102/-
Size of Capacitors required for this unit.
(Multiplying factor from the table)
For improvement of P.F. - From 0.75 to 0.99 i.e. 0.740
Therefore capacitor size = 125 x 0.740
= 92.5 kVAr , say 95 kVAr.
Total Cost @ Rs. 170/- per kVAr (MPP Capacitors) Rs. 16,150/-
The entire cost is recovered in: Rs. 16,150 = 1.33 Months. = 40 Days
Rs. 12,102
If the penalty for low P.F. & rebate for Power Factor is taken into account this recovery is achieved in still less period of time.
If rebate for better P.F. is considered into calculation, this recovery will be in less than one Month period.

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