Capacitors for Fan / Motors

Capacitors for Fan / Motors (Regular / Burst proof designs)

Capacitors For Motor

Shree Trading Syndicate are leading manufacturers and exporters for world class quality capacitors. The company produces wide range of capacitors for Electrical appliances (Fans/Lighting), Motors for Run & Start applications, L.T Power factor improvement and LT Shunt Capacitors in various designs to suite most stringent Industrial requirement since 1984.

Capacitors For Fan Motor

Capacitor for fans : As per lS :1709-1984
1.0 MFD to.4 MFD
400 vAc
Capacitor for Motor: As per lS :2993-1976
4 MFD to 144 MFD 440 VAC
Dual type capacitors for washing machines as per customer designs are also available.

Dielectric : Polypropylene
Elements : Metallized polypropylene film
Encapsultion : Dry type resin / Oil filled.
Case : PP cans/Aluminum cans (as per customers specs).

Burst proof construction:
Formed foil of different values based on requirement along with electrolytic grade tissue paper. Vacuum impregnated in electrolyte, assembled in alumium can. Safety valve is provided on the rubberized bakelite disc. In case of abnormal pressure generated by internal or external heat, safety valve opens and pressure is released.

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