Technical Information

Technical Data of APP Heavy Duty Low Voltage Capacitors

Parameter Parameter
Power 2.0 to 200 KVAr Case shape Steel / Reactangular
Rated Voltage-Un 230 to 1000 Volts AC Terminal Stud terminal with Steatite bushings
Frequency 50/60 Hz Mounting & grounding Self standing with mounting bracket
Intush Current I - 300 times Raed Current Enclosure IP41, optionally IP54
Temperature category -40 to +650C No. of switching operations per annum 7500 Nos
Losses: Dielectric in W/KVAr Total in W/KVAr <0.2 <0.5 ISI Marking (440V) Yes
Max. Humidity 95% Test Voltage 2.15 x Un
Safety Internal High Rupturing Capacity HRC Fuses Hidden Losses Nil ++
Impregnation Non PCB Oil* Type Testing CPRI / ERDA / UCL
Useful life 1,50,000 hours    
Cooling Natural    

Non PCB Oil Provides Better Cooling.
All PP capacitor does not require inrush suppression coils which are used in MPP design capacitors. Coils contribute heavy power losses (2 to 4 Watts / Kvar) in MPP Capacitors


PF Corrections, Automatic PF Control Systems, Motor Compensation, Tuned Filters & De-Tuned Filters, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Wind Mills, Rolling Mills, Furnace Duty, AC Power Electronics

Special Features of SLDT (Single Layer Double Thick) Design over Double layer APP design

1. Electrical strength:
38% higher than mixed dielectric. 71% higher than 2 thin layer All PP design / double dielectric heavy duty, designs.
2. Dielectric losses (heat generation): 60% lower than mixed dielectric.
3. Pin holes in polypropylene 25% less than mixed dielectric having 8-micron film, used in mixed dielectric. 66% less than 6 micron PP used in 2 layer all PP design / double dielectric design. In case of rare fault in 11.9 micron PP direct short element gets eliminated in factory testing at manufacturers works, whereas in mixed dielectric & 2-layer design even with one layer having fault capacitor work for few days only.

Life tested for 1000 hours at 1.2 times rated voltage & at 50 Degree C ambient.

LV Capacitors are manufactured in same machines, which are used, for HV capacitors and hence very high standards of process are maintained for all capacitors of LV range.
More than Two Million-KVAr capacitors with SLDT, All PP dielectric design are in operation in India and abroad.

Design / Technology

Universal Cables Ltd (UCL) entered into manufacturing of capacitors in the year 1967 under the technical collaboration with “Toshiba” of Japan. In the year 1977 we initiated Mixed dielectric (MD) technology capacitors in India with the General Electric of USA. As a continuous development process, we come up with the revolutionary technology of All-PP Capacitors with another technological tie-up with GE-USA in the year 1985.

For the continuous up-gradation in manufacturing process, UCL has one of the most modern plant in the Country. Cleanliness in our winding section is maintained as per US federal standards. Dust particles of 0.5 micron and above are limited to 100 particles on the winding machine and 1000 particle level in the room.

UCL is one of the few companies having its own R & D department to experiment with new raw materials and processes. Through R & D UCL were the first to develop successful technology of single layer double thick All-PP Capacitor in LT range.

• Plant fully equipped with raw material and process testing laboratory.

• Capacitor elements winding through fully automatic /computerized machines in ultra clean and humidity controlled conditions as per international standards.

Capacitors are type tested as per IEC / ISS (IS-13925) in CRPI Laboratory at Bangalore (NABL accredited, laboratory of Govt of India)